We source staff globally through our vast partner network. 

Our rigorous screening process involves face-to-face interviews, document verification at the local level, and thorough preparation for international careers. 

We provide comprehensive support to candidates, including assistance with credential evaluations, English language testing, and guidance for regulated professionals like nurses, doctors, and therapists. 

Our services are tailored to the specific requirements of each destination country. We advise professionals on pathways to accredit their credentials, help them create profiles, prepare and submit their qualifications for assessment by professional bodies in the destination countries, and offer career guidance and job placement with employers seeking candidates from our pool. 

Additionally, we provide immigration and transfer assistance to candidates once roles are agreed upon and offers are accepted.

As a leading search, training, and international healthcare staff transfer agency, we specialize in assisting healthcare workers in the region to secure employment opportunities both domestically and internationally. 

Our services cater to a diverse range of clients, including major local hospitals, international aid and crisis agencies, individuals requiring assistance at home, and correctional facilities. Locally, we collaborate with prominent healthcare institutions to fulfill their staffing needs, ensuring the provision of quality care within the community. 

Additionally, we support international aid and crisis agencies in their efforts to address healthcare challenges worldwide. Furthermore, we assist individuals who require healthcare assistance at home, as well as provide staffing solutions for correctional facilities. 

Our agency acts as a bridge, connecting skilled healthcare professionals with organizations and individuals in need of their expertise, thereby contributing to the improvement of healthcare services both locally and globally.